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Photo courtesy of nypl.orgWent to see SATC on Friday night and was delighted to see New York Public Library making a guest appearance in the movie

I had no idea that they’d filmed scenes in the library or that there’d be a dialogue between two of the main characters discussing the pros and cons of borrowing books!   I just love references to libraries in popular culture; especially in high profile movies. 

Perhaps some of those women who copy everything that Carrie Bradshaw does will feel inspired to pop into their own local library to check out the romantic love letters collections!   Could public libraries really be the new Jimmy Choos? 

Hmm, I’m not sure…


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This is really cool…Joy Piedmont at Entertainment Weekly has pulled together a montage of 18 stills from movies that feature key scenes in libraries, including one of my all time favourites; The Breakfast Club!  Thanks to ALA for the link.

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